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Referring a Patient for Depression Treatment

Updated: May 6

Patient Referral: How To Refer a Patient?

When it comes to getting help for depression or mental health issues long term, it can be hard to know where to begin. When you or a family member have experienced treatment-resistant depression, it can be easy to assume that many of the treatments for depression won't work. 

If you feel you need to see real change, call our team about our Ketamine therapy. Our Ketamine treatment is best suited to people who have had persistent signs and symptoms of depression that have not abated despite talk therapy, support groups, and even prescription medications, like antidepressants, which are used to treat depression across all severity levels.

Ketamine can help your family member to feel better quickly. At Daydream MD Integrative Health & Wellness

, we will take the time to get to know every patient who is referred to us to receive ketamine therapy for depression to tailor their treatment plan to their needs. Ketamine treatment has also been found to be helpful in treating other types of mental illness, such as treatment-resistant anxiety and even extreme mental health conditions like PTSD. 

If you want to help your family members overcome their depression, call our team to make a patient referral. If you are a therapist, psychologist, or mental health nurse who feels that ketamine therapy would be likely to help a patient, please begin a new patient referral. You can message our team about when to refer a patient based on their depression.

Getting Help For Depression

When someone is truly struggling to overcome their depression after all of the antidepressants and therapy available, it may be time to make a patient referral to Daydream MD Integrative Health & Wellness.

After the patient referral, we will meet with the patient to assess and discuss their depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, and we will assess their medical records to see if they are suitable. When you refer a patient to us, based on their medical records, despite the effectiveness of ketamine treatments, they may not be suitable for it. For successful patient referrals, physically, there has to be no history of heart disease,, no psychosis, and the patient cannot be pregnant. 

Aftercare Ketamine Programs 

After the ketamine treatment our team does not stop there! We know that for the effects of the ketamine to last long-term, there needs to be an aftercare program in place to help keep your friend, family member, or patient in the right headspace. 

So, we offer retreats to help keep the psychological and physical connection growing.

These retreats are run by our compassionate staff and are catered to the needs of our patients. Some patients may be more suited to a multiple-day stay, which we call a psychedelic retreat. Or, they may prefer to spend a full day or a half day engaging in therapy with our trained team, as well as undertaking physical activity to help them maintain the psychological effects of the ketamine.

If you have any questions about our aftercare programs, feel free to call our team or drop us an email.

Meet our Compassionate Team

Meet our experienced team of specialists who will help you on your journey.

Dr. Arsalan Azam

Dr. Arsalan Azam is the founder of Daydream MD – his work as a relief physician for hospitals that were experiencing staff shortages in the emergency departments inspired the creation of this clinic. During his time, he oversaw many psychiatric emergencies and helped him devise the affordable and effective treatment that our clinic now offers. He began his medical training as a Deans Scholar at Case Western Medical School and completed his clinical rotations at the Cleveland Clinic. 

Lisa McJunkin, LMFT, CHTP

Lisa McJunkin received her MA in Psychology with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy from Chapman University and has been practicing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California since 2011. Her years of practice have seen her help adults, veterans, first responders, healthcare professionals, parents, and people who experience chronic pain.

She provides individual and couples therapy, psychedelic integrative therapy, healing touch therapy, self-healing classes, and trauma recovery consultations.

Sam Schulze

Sam Schulze, our director of psychedelic nursing at Daydream MD, has training and experience in critical care and emergency nursing. He received his Bachelor's degree in nursing from Michigan State University in 2014 and has since worked in numerous hospital emergency departments across the US. However, his passions soon swung across to 

integrated mental health care and psychedelic-based medicine, and interested him to begin working at Daydream MD.

Our Ketamine Treatment Clinic

We understand that when someone undertakes ketamine treatment, they will want to be somewhere that is calm, cozy, and clean. Following a new patient referral and a meeting with our team, if your referral is deemed suitable for ketamine treatment, your loved one or patient will be invited to attend our clinic. 


Our clinic is located at Crown Point, 3455 Ingraham St, San Diego, CA 92109, and will offer the patients an experience that they have never had before, ensuring that their mental and physical health is taken care of and that their needs and concerns are listened to by our trained team. We pride ourselves on offering a compassionate and friendly setting, meaning that whoever comes to us by referral will always be welcome at Daydream MD, and we will always aim to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Our clinic is clean, relaxing, and designed to be a safe space for patients to undertake treatment, free from stress and distractions.


To access us, you can get the number 9 bus to Pacific Beach. The nearest stop to our clinic is Ingraham St & La Mancha Dr. The last bus to leave this street is at 9.45 pm. There is also a cable car that can drop you off at Crown Point Shores. After this, the walk is about 30 minutes. 

Get In Touch With Us For The Next Steps

So, if you feel that ketamine treatment would be right for your family member who has been struggling with depression, or you want to refer a patient who has been struggling getting help for mental health with other methods, contact our team.

Our ketamine-based treatments for depression include intravenous ketamine, intramuscular ketamine, and ketamine administered in a nasal spray, which is FDA-approved.

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