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Our Mission 

Daydream MD is committed to providing our members the opportunity for healing and engagement in purposeful living. We offer individual, partnered, group, and retreat services involving medicines and techniques for expanded consciousness states. We believe that healing lies in the daily integration of these practices. Daydream MD is dedicated to growing our network of community providers who can offer our members a return to self-healing and personal empowerment.

Daydream MD Future Vision

Daydream MD is an integrative healing arts center that offers experiences for mental, physical, emotional & spiritual healing. Daydream MD hosts a collective of community providers who excel in their craft, allowing us to offer services that range from traditional therapy to individualized facilitation during states of expanded consciousness. We strive for Daydream MD services to be safe, accessible, and highly effective for all our members.

We believe trauma wounds can be healed when humans return to their organic state of nervous system regulation. Daydream MD offers a safe and skilled space to assist people in returning to their innate healing abilities.

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Daydream MD Values

  1. We treat our members with respect, care, and compassion.

  2. We strive to address all levels of being. Mind, body, spirit, community, and environment are all interconnected

  3. We welcome people of all races, ethnicities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, ages, religions, sizes and abilities.

  4. We take a preventative approach, promoting long-term health and wellbeing.

  5. We listen carefully and collaborate with our members to meet their unique set of goals and needs. We help members remove obstacles to accessing their inner healing intelligence, and support them in taking an active role in developing and maintaining good health.

  6. We work with our members to address both the symptoms and the underlying cause of their health concerns.

  7. It takes a village. We use a treatment team model, utilizing collaboration between practitioners and community programs to support our members in reaching their highest potential.

  8. There is great wisdom in both ancient and modern medicine; we strive to integrate both into our work.

Daydream MD Collaborations

The magic of Daydream MD comes from collaborating with community providers in our open-source care model. The term “Open-source” originated in the tech industry to describe design sharing that is publicly accessible. We believe that comprehensive and cutting edge healing services can be sustainable if great providers have a place to gather, create, and share their gifts. This is why we have chosen an integrative healing arts model rather than a medical ketamine infusion model.

We are looking to attract practitioners who have both confidence and training in their craft, enjoy innovation, play well in the sand box with others and have a robust shared love for the healing arts.

Daydream MD Current Specialties

  • Providing a comprehensive intake and clearance process. All members receive a thorough psychosocial assessment, medical clearance assessment, and financial planning session, if desired.

  • Individualized dosing regimens for ketamine treatments.

  • Offering different ketamine treatment planning opportunities from comprehensive induction series to maintenance services.

  • Providing affordable individual and group ketamine treatments.

  • Providing an outpatient trauma recovery programming focus on nervous system regulation coaching in congruence with strategic ketamine use.

  • Providing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) and Ketamine Integration Therapy (KIT).

  • Providing concierge ketamine treatment services for providers who would like to host a healing event in the community.

  • Providing staff in-services and developing a virtual lab as part of our ongoing education initiative.

  • Providing a therapist clinical supervision program to grow integrative practitioner development.

  • Collaborating with community organizations to make treatments more accessible to vulnerable populations (i.e. veterans, military families, front line personnel, palliative care, chronic pain, autoimmune disordered, LBGTQIA2Spirit, and more...).

  • Partnering with educational institutions and private funding to offer clinical trials starting in 2024.

  • Offering good traditional therapy, both to individuals (adults only) and couples with sliding scale rates.

  • Offering integrative healing group events that all members of the community may attend.

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