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Daydream MD’s Virtual Lab

Daydream MD believes that healing cannot happen without education, skills development and sustainable partnerships in our communities.  While psychedelic therapies are not for everyone, we believe many will be helped by making this information and services more accessible.  Daydream MD’s Virtual Lab of our growing resources to help support the work we do and continue to move the needle of innovation forward. 

Ketamine Treatments & Chronic Pain  Recovery:

Pain Medicine, intravenous ketamine infusion research.
NIH use of ketamine infusions research.
NIH ketamine in acute and chronic pain management research.

Ketamine Treatment & Eating Disorders Recovery:

PubMed ketamine research.
Psychology Today ketamine research for anorexia.
PubMed ketamine research.
Frontiers ketamine research for assisted psychotherapy.

Ketamine Treatments & PTSD Recovery:

Clinical Trails .Gov ketamine research for PTSD.
Clinical Trails .Gov ketamine research for
Psychiatrist ketamine proof of concept research.
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