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Ketamine Treatment Cost

A New Paradigm for Healing

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Below Are The Costs For Our Ketamine Treatment Services

At Daydream MD, we are regularly asked about our ketamine treatment cost.

Most clinics offer a ‘one fits all’ approach, but we offer ketamine infusions to help patients with both their mental health and chronic pain.

So, the ketamine treatment price we offer is detailed here:

  • New Member Ketamine Consultation - $99 a consultation

  • Ketamine Individual Treatment Session - $490 1.5 hour session

  • Ketamine Group Treatment Session - $190 2.5 hour session

  • Ketamine Treatment Classes, Events, & Retreats - Prices Vary, contact for a quote

The type of ketamine treatment you receive will be chosen by our team and worked into your treatment plan. We offer additional services; please click to visit our full psychedelic prices for other therapies and services offered by Daydream MD.

Is Ketamine Therapy Covered by Insurance?

For many people, the cost of ketamine treatment for depression can seem rather high. Indeed, ketamine infusion therapy is only recommended for people who have treatment-resistant depression, so it is not a common first line of defense treatment.

As before, the ketamine therapy that we offer at Daydream MD will be based on our medical assessment of your need, how long your symptoms have been present, treatment approaches that have been tried before, the cost of the ketamine treatments, and a maintenance plan of care.

Despite the fact that ketamine infusion treatment has been found to reduce depressive symptoms in as little as 40 minutes in over 70% of recipients, it is considered an off-label medication for mental health services, and therefore, ketamine infusions are not covered by most insurance plans at this time. Spravato is an insurance-covered from of ketamine therapy, depending on your insurance carrier. Many FSA and PPO plans can help offset the cost of ketamine therapy.

The nasal spray versions of ketamine have been FDA-approved, but insurance coverage is still patchy in this area and will depend on the kind of insurance that you have. 

So, when you are looking to undergo ketamine treatment, you should ask your insurance provider whether they will pay the entire treatment cost or part of it. 

There may be cases where your insurance provider will pay your clinical team out of pocket. Or they may intend to pay for the treatment, provided that you pay for it first, and they will then reimburse you. Please reach out to your insurance provider to find out.

This kind of payment will vary based on the type of insurance provider that you have. If you are looking for other options to reduce the cost of ketamine treatment, consider a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

The ketamine treatment cost may be reduced depending on your clinical care needs. We also offer group ketamine therapy services and (in the near future) Spravato ketamine treatments to help make services more affordable and accessible to our community.

Benefits of using DayDream MD for Ketamine Treatment 

One of the main benefits of using DayDream MD for your treatment is that we provide an array of different options to administer the drug; we also provide you with an assessment at the beginning and encourage aftercare therapy. This is so we can look at your medical history, assess your physical and mental state, decide on the right option for you, and support you through the full journey. 

One of the most popular options for administering ketamine in our clinic is via infusion or IV. The ketamine infusion cost covers all areas of this treatment, from the medical assessment at the beginning to the injection of the drug to the aftercare. Remember, post-infusion, you may feel a bit disoriented, and our team will be on hand to help you manage these symptoms. 

Next, we can offer intramuscular (IM) administration, which works like a flu shot. The treatment cost for this is slightly lower than the IV route, but overall, less monitoring post-injection is needed.

Finally, we also provide some of our patients (who are working with an affiliated ketamine-assisted psychotherapist) with an oral prescription. This is prescribed after either the IV or IM treatment, will last for a week period post-session, and is aimed to help keep your mood high. 

Aftercare Support for Ketamine Therapy

When you visit our team at Daydream MD, you will want to know about the treatment itself.

However, once we have answered your ketamine questions like “How much does ketamine treatment cost?” and “How long does it take?”, we are left with one part that is often overlooked. The aftercare.

Following your treatment with our team, you will need to engage in aftercare to help keep the positive effects of the treatment going. Indeed, this will vary based on how it was administered (with research showing that IV infusions are the most potent and long-lasting). Still, with some targeted care, you can experience the positive benefits of ketamine for days or even weeks after the treatment has been completed.

Our team will always be available to answer any questions you have about the aftercare process, which is one of the benefits of working with our team at Daydream MD. We know how transformative treatment with ketamine can be. So we are always ready and able to offer you additional help that you may need to keep those positive effects going, such as half-day retreats, day retreats, and even therapy sessions with our trained and caring mental health team.

Ketamin Teatments & Servics

Meet Dr. Arsalan Azam

We would like to introduce you to Dr. Arsalan Azam, our CEO, CMO, and founder of Daydream MD.

Dr. Arsalan Azam is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and the medical director of Daydream MD's treatments. He attended medical school as a Dean’s Scholar at Case Western Medical School and completed clinical rotations at the world-famous Cleveland Clinic.

His residency in Emergency Medicine was completed at Metropolitan/Harlem Emergency Medicine Residency. He has practiced as an emergency medical practitioner around the US, where he worked as a relief physician to help understaffed hospitals.

This emergency work led him to oversee many psychiatric emergencies, giving him the idea to start Daydream MD.

Dr. Azam has worked hard to build a team of exceptional medical professionals who oversee all areas of treatment at Daydream MD, so when you come to us for treatment, you are getting the best.

Ketamine Research

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