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Lisa McJunkin, LMFT, CHTP

COO, LMFT & Clinical Supervisor She/Her

Lisa McJunkin received her Master of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Chapman University. She has been a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and practicing across California since 2011. She trained with Healing Beyond Borders in Healing Touch and Emotional Freedom Techniques with the EFT Tapping Training Institute. Lisa has vast experience with working with adults, veterans, first responders, health care professionals, adult students, active-duty personnel, parents, partnerships and chronic pain populations.

She offers individual and couples therapy, psychedelic integrative therapy services, EFT coaching, Healing Touch sessions, trauma informed care and trauma recovery consultation, self-healing classes and retreats using energy psychology methods.

Lisa specializes in provision of holistic and evidenced based treatments for acute stress to chronic anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma recovery to complex posttraumatic stress disorder. She engages her clients in healing through mind, body, and soul alignment to release old and often unhelpful responses and memories, by providing integration of Eastern and Western healing practices.

Lisa’s approach is direct, relational, somatic, and integrative with a trauma recovery lens. She is skilled at creating a safe, warm, and humorous environment. Her individualized whole person healing approach and engagement in advocacy for trauma recovery, support people in shifting through toxic stress, dysfunctional relationship patterns, deepening interpersonal connection, reconnection to spirituality and becoming more authentically themselves.

Lisa McJunkin, LMFT, CHTP
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