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Sara McCracken


Sara’s primary goal is to help you prepare for your ketamine journey and incorporate the lessons you learn from your experience. Sara recognizes the importance of feeling empowered and validated, and holds a compassionate, positive and non-judgmental space for the individuals she works with. Through a trauma-informed and strength-based lens, her approach is to assist her clients with exploring the inner world and how one can relate to their past and fears with curiosity, kindness, and courage. By becoming aware of the negative and often unrealistic thoughts that hinder our potential, we can engage in healthier thinking patterns, ultimately allowing for positive change and even thriving to occur. 

Sara brings an integrated approach that will help prepare you for your ketamine experience. She utilizes evidence-based practices that assist in learning ways to calm your autonomic nervous system and also make meaning from your psychedelic journey. These practices include Internal Family Systems therapy, somatic exercises, mindfulness practices, and psychoeducation.

Sara McCracken
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