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Elizabeth Nellis,


Choosing a therapist can feel much like trying to find the right key to unlock a door. I deeply

respect the decision you are making to invest in your wellbeing by entering the therapeutic

process.  As a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, my priority is to create a safe place free

of judgment where, together, we can explore and process life events, both past and present. 

Common responses to life transitions and stress is to occasionally find ourselves stuck in

patterns of thought and behavior that often require processing in order to move through to the

desired outcome.

As part of the healing process, I utilize evidence-based interventions that align with what is

comfortable and beneficial to each client. These tailored sessions are unique and intentionally

designed to meet your personal therapeutic needs.  I take the responsibility of my job as a guide

with great reverence and will honor your valuable time and energy as we work towards your

ultimate goals and overall healing. 

I have worked extensively with individuals managing Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, PTSD,

life transitions, grief and navigating difficult familial and intimate partner relationships.  I have

experience working with children, adolescents, adults and senior clients.  My nature is warm

and down to earth as I truly enjoy working with and for people.

Elizabeth Nellis,
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