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Sam Schulze, RN

Director of Psychedelic Nursing He/Him

Originally from West Michigan, Sam got his bachelor's degree in nursing from Michigan State University in 2014. He has worked with Daydream MD since its inception in February 2022. Sam's innate enthusiasm for human connection further developed in the seven years he spent working in emergency departments and critical care units in Michigan, New York City, Seattle, and San Diego.

Soon after starting with Daydream, he realized that his life and nursing experiences had all been subtly grooming him for a career in mental health. In July of 2022 Sam left his job in the hospital to pursue advanced practice, enrolling in the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner degree program at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, from which he is projected to graduate in May 2024.

His particular areas of interest include neuropsychiatry, interventional mental health treatment, existential anxiety/end-of-life care, first responder trauma, and psychotherapy.

Sam Schulze, RN
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