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Stephanie Knatz Peck


Dr. Stephanie Knatz Peck (Ph.D)  is a clinical psychologist, Associate Clinical Professor at the UCSD Eating Disorder Center and founder and clinical director of BrightMind Therapy. Her expertise and focus include developing and delivering novel models of treatment for treatment-resistant conditions with a particular focus on youth (and their families) and eating disorders.

She has experience delivering both psilocybin therapy and ketamine-assisted therapy for mental health populations, and is also trained in psychological support models for other psychedelic drugs. She is co-investigator on two trials evaluating psilocybin treatment for anorexia nervosa and served as lead psychologist on trials evaluating psilocybin for treatment resistant depression and anorexia nervosa.  She is also a senior clinical consultant for Compass Pathways where she assists with clinical development, serves as lead trainer, and provides ongoing therapist training and mentorship to trial therapists.

Stephanie is passionate about forging meaningful connections with her clients and developing and disseminating indication-specific psychedelic therapy models which reduce harm, increase safety, and leverage healing.

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Stephanie Knatz Peck
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