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Troy R Campbell

Sound Healer

Troy Campbell is a So Cal native with a degree in Music education from CSUF and Behavioral Therapy  certification from BCBA board .  He has a Sound Healing practice out of Long Beach California and travels all over the country facilitating sound healing and men's work.  He spent many years as Director of Youth activities for the Fullerton's YMCA then switching to the behavioral sciences , working at 3 clinics providing behavioral therapy for children and adults on the spectrum.

With Day Dream , Troy provides the vibrational support through tone bowls , flutes and many other  sacred instruments . He helps co-pilot and guide clients in and out of the beautiful Journey Day Dream provides .

Playing music most of his life ,starting in the 3rd grade , Troy has performed with Disney in many different productions recently closing The Tale of The Lion King at Disneyland Park . He began his Sound Healing Journey 12 years ago recognizing the importance of release through vibration and frequency.  He has expanded into men's work and facilitating this sound healing work at several detox facilities in the Orange County area .

Troy’s approach to sound treatment is  intentional, connective, somatic, and integrative release with healing  focus . He  is skilled at creating a safe, harmonious , vibrational portal for growth .  His healing approach and engagement in advocacy for trauma recovery stress release and growth , supporting  people in not necessarily feeling better but feeling more  and after feeling more we make our way to the better feeling , reconnection to self through spirituality and becoming more authentically themselves. Feel Everything And Rise .

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Troy R Campbell
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