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Dr. Meg Gold


Dr. Gold integrates Western medical practices with Integrative and Functional Medicineplans of care. She teaches mindfulness meditation to her clients and also prescribesmedication, supplements, and herbs. Dr. Gold incorporates Ketamine AssistedPsychotherapy in her therapy plans when appropriate. Dr Gold’s areas of focus are: integrative functional psychiatry, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, spirituality, working with unresolved trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, LGBTQIA+ and women’s issues.

Dr. Gold believes in the vital connection between the emotional, physical, and spiritualwell-being of each individual and will often use 5-Element Acupuncture to access andalign the energy flow during in-office visits. Her desire is to offer a meaningful spacewhere patients can be inspired to find ease, peace, optimal health, and deep connectionwith self and others.

In her experience, she has found that the application of these healing modalities helpsher to comprehensively address the root cause of a patient’s health concerns. Withintegration of all these modalities, it provides her with a deep and wide medicine bagfrom which to draw.

Dr. Meg Gold
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